Immersive Sound Design & Music

for film and XR

Who I Am

Multi-disciplinary sound designer, composer and musician specialising in 3D audio for immersive experiences of all kinds. 

I have a varied background in music performance, sound design and film composition and a deep passion for spatial storytelling. I love the iterative nature of working with XR and I'm fascinated by its challenges and possibilities. I'm based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What I Do

Engaging the audience through sound in storytelling, I employ methods and tools from theatre, film, games and interaction design. 

I have worked extensively with XR and several of my projects have been showcased worldwide, taking home awards from Cannes, Tribeca, Venice, Stereopsia and Raindance among others. I teach 3D audio at various institutions around the world. I don't do anything half-heartedly.

Friends & Collaborators

I would love to hear about your project!